Enrique Martínez Cantero

My wishes for 2013

I can’t help sharing with you what my new projects for 2013 are going to be:

  1. Spain needs a new model of Public Administration and I want to emphasis two aspects: It needs General
    Managers to proudly take the lead of the responsibilities, the first of which is to provide their unit with a transforming mission in order to solve citizens’ specific matters.
  2. Spain needs companies and governments to contact and understand each other in order to be able to get to a beneficial collaboration for citizens. It needs private company managers who want to get involved in the public affairs agenda and therefore public administration managers are ought to have a mission to share.

I have already started to provide training solutions (teaching and practical cases development), consulting and direct management.

Meanwhile, you can find me at:

Enrique Martínez Cantero

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Enrique Martínez Cantero

Enrique Martínez Cantero

Experto en Asuntos Públicos y Corporativos

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